Wolff reaches a career peak

FOUR STARS (Out of Four)

Pianist Michael Wolff was just another accomplished McCoy Tyner acolyte before he began exploring world music and exotic percussion with his band Impure Thoughts.

On “Dangerous Vision,” Wolff reaches a career peak. He harnesses the drive of Brazilian percussionist Airto Moreira and tabla master Badal Roy to transform such jazz classics as “Work Song” and “A Love Supreme” into groove-oriented vehicles, while building his own tunes upon rhythmic, rather than melodic, foundations.

This percussive firepower allows Wolff to pursue his muse in a more delicate and elliptical fashion than before, bringing new and welcome variety to his playing, and unearthing a fresh paradigm for the jazz piano album. “Dangerous Vision” isn’t just dangerous — it’s a killer.

Boston Herald, Kevin Convey, February 4, 2005