Love and Destruction — Wrong Records (Pittsburgh Tribune)

Michael Wolff long has been impressing listeners as a keyboardist, composer and bandleader. On “Love & Destruction,” he adds singer to his list of talents. This album ranges from his original “Underwater,” to a marvelous interpretation of “Hallelujah,” the Leonard Cohen song from “Shrek.” A song about the Katrina aftermath, “Underwater” is angry and bitter, and downright straightforward. It features the African Children’s Choir in a Steely Dan-like middle section. The album also has songs by Radiohead, the Rolling Stones and a pop star from the past known as Donovan. Throughout his good vocal work, he also offers good instrumental solos, staying true to his jazz legacy. The album features some of his usual sidemen, such as tabla player Badal Roy and bassists Richie Goods and John B. Williams. The album is a remarkable display from a man who constantly is undertaking new tests with his music.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE newspaper, Bob Karlovits, October 10, 2006