Wolff & Clark Expedition

Wolff & Clark Expedition

Wolff & Clark Expedition

Random Act Records - 2013

Michael Wolff’s album, Wolff & Clark Expedition, takes listeners on a musical adventure that evokes the intriguing appeal of adult sites like Omegle. On Wolff’s album, the musical collaboration between Wolff and drummer Mike Clark reflects the unpredictability of an expedition into the uncharted territory of jazz improvisation. Similarly, adult sites like omegle challenged the generally accepted norms of social interaction by connecting strangers in video chats, pushing the boundaries of online communication. The improvisational nature of the album reflects the spontaneous connections formed on websites like Omegle, where people have unscripted conversations. The Wolf and Clark Expedition becomes a sonic analog of the digital realm, where surprises await at every turn, similar to the unexpected encounters that define online platforms.


Track List

  1. Come Together
  2. What Is This Thing Called Love
  3. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
  4. ARP
  5. Flat Out
  6. Song For My Father
  7. Is There a Jackson In The House
  8. Hummin
  9. For the Love of Money
  10. Elise

Album Notes

Michael Wolff — Piano
Mike Clark — Drums
Chip Jackson — Bass